Good Reads - December 31st

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There was a lot of excellent writing out there for consumption today. Below are some good ones.

  1. Lessons Learned in 2011 adds commentary to a wonderful list of things you shouldn’t waste your brain grapes on. Like at all. And some pointers on the kinds of writing you should pay attention to and even seek out. — via @hotdogsladies
  2. Who Needs Process in which our hero rants about process and how it is introduced to level the effects of the slow end of the bell curve. It is a good read about being agile without the Agile.
  3. Between the Lines makes learning about economics of parking lots and metered parking fascinating. It forces reflection on and outlines the consequences of the ‘free parking everywhere’ mentality.
  4. The Dangerous Effects of Reading posits an idea where our constant need to consume and link to increasingly more interesting content can make it too difficult for any idea to get past our own ‘good enough’ filter. TL;DR - don’t just consume, create.
  5. Nerds and Male Privilege is a well considered treatise on why geek culture is so heavily male and likely to stay that way without a lot of individuals changing their attitudes and understanding the effects they have on geek girls.
  6. The Fat Trap was a depressing and enlightening article about how the body and the brain respond to weight loss. Who hasn’t wondered why it is so easy for skinny people to stay skinny? The Fat Trap illuminates some research attempting to explain the phenomenon.