Bryan J Swift

mobile +1 (347) 653-7492

Brooklyn, NY


  1. Technical Project Manager Ticket Evolution as Consultant from January 2020

    I joined Ticket Evolution as a technical project manager where my day to day work consists of facilitating communication across teams, planning and tracking the ongoing efforts across multiple initiatives.

  2. Director Siberia, LLC from November 2014 until December 2019

    Siberia is a product design focused consultancy, as such the specifics of my role shifted from client to client and project to project. Broadly speaking, as a director of engineering at Siberia my role was part consultant, part craftsperson, part educator and coach. My day to day responsibilities involved heads down implementation work, leading the team of engineers on my project (or projects) and staying in touch with the client contacts while mentoring and coaching the members of the wider Siberia engineering organization.

    Directors at Siberia get involved at each step of the lifetime of a client engagement — from the identification of an opportunity and pitch, through project execution and delivery and on to relationship growth and afterwork. Because of this directors must be multi-functional, while skillfully executing in their primary discipline they must also be able to understand and lead during any step of the product design and implementation process.

    During my tenure at Siberia I led teams on a variety of ventures for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies with a focus on craft and meticulous execution. My work on these projects has helped some of the worlds most beloved brands more efficiently achieve their business goals and bring delight to customers through user experience focused and technology solutions.

  3. Developer Independent Contractor from February 2010 until December 2016

    As an independent contractor my role was either sole developer for a project or staff augmentation for a client's development team. My clients ranged from individuals in need of a personal site to local restaurants opening their doors for the first time through to international agencies working on long term, large scale rewrites of legacy code bases.

    My role on each project varied from creating and consuming REST APIs in Scala, creating Android applications in Java, integrating with and building on top of PHP CMS frameworks and contributing to sprawling JavaScript and CSS front end code bases.

  4. Senior Software Engineer AKQA, Inc from November 2006 until February 2010

    Working at AKQA taught me the importance of design and user experience in building customer facing applications. AKQA transformed me from a Java developer to a generalist/polyglot developer transforming the trajectory of my career.

  5. Systems Analyst Devis from June 2004 until November 2006

    The First Gig. An incredible learning experience in a wildly different environment than everything that has come after. The folks at Devis shaped me from an individual contributor into a team member while leveling up my ability to think about software systems.


  1. Bachelor of Science from August 2001 until May 2004

    Earned my degree in Physics with Minors in Computer Science and Philosophy from Juniata College while working part time as a lab and teaching assistant.