The Paralysis of Possibilities

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At times a decision simply must be made. When it is a big life decision, the kind people talk about when discussing the proverbial fork in the road, the ‘correct’ path is rarely obvious. Big decisions can have even sane people turning to ridiculous tools like a list of pros and cons because “every facet must be explored”. The schtick is this, if the choice is so difficult it renders you, a normally decisive person, indecisive – feeling paralyzed by fear and what if – chances are none of the options are wrong or bad. So choose the path you want to walk, the one reflecting the version of yourself you want to see in the mirror, and don’t look back.

There are few things worse than experiencing the depression accompanying the paralysis of possibilities. Don’t let it in. Don’t let things stew. Write about it or talk it through with someone until you feel like you’re going in circles and then act. Refusing to act will ruin more than just decision making facilities, it will sap the will to create, to go outside, to do wonderful things and to be with wonderful people. Do not let it in.