Restyling My Wordpress Template

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The basic structure and functionality of my attempt at a Wordpress template is pretty much finished and so now I must style it. Styling will probably take a while so my site will probably look a little ugly for the time when I’m working on it and it make take quite a while considering I’m already having trouble getting the content and sidebar to display the way I want them too.

Here’s hoping for flash in the pan genius!

Update: I’m not yet happy enough with the way the theme looks to leave it for any length of time, so I’m falling back to the classic theme I was previously using. Soon I shall unleash it on the world… soon. Actually I’ll probably be better off creating a new Wordpress install for testing the theme out because then I can put all kinds of crazy stuff in posts without polluting my own content. We shall also see how that goes.

Update2: I decided to move theme development and testing to a test blog which is now up and running at