Banty Brothers BBQ goes live

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Blues Brothers? No. Banty Brothers.About two months ago now a friend of mine asked me to help him out by building him a website for a startup he was working with. Naturally I asked for some more information about the company and he told me they were going to do roadside barbeque and catering. For me, living in New York City, this seemed like a crazy idea but then I took a step back and considered where he was living (Central Pennsylvania) and thought this could work. Fortunately he wasn’t asking me for money or any kind of investment save some time and expertise.

What he needed was a web presence for this company and what I needed was a project I had heavy front-end involvement in but didn’t sit behind a login screen. There were not a lot of design assets for the company or website, basically a color scheme and a logo. The major feature he needed was a calendar to quickly illustrate where the company affiliated trucks were going to be. So I went with a fairly simple design which resembled a business flyer but provided plenty of space for content.

Since the calendar section was the big piece of dynamic content I spent the most time developing it and considering how the interaction would play out. Overall I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The catering section of the site is, as yet, incomplete but since the company kicked off sales on the first of May they were a little anxious to have some kind of web presence even if they didn’t have the catering content ready yet. So as of this writing the gallery section has no images (but they just need to be dropped into a folder on the server to work) and the catering section is under construction, however, my first solo freelance project has gone live and I wanted to share.

Check out the Banty Brothers website