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I just updated the Persnicketly repository on GitHub. Originally it was closed source because it was for a API contest potentially worth money and talking with Rachel Diesel, my design partner in the Persnicketly venture we were considering ways to monetize it.

As of now though Persnicketly is much more of a portfolio piece for me (and her as well) I suspect than it is a side project we are still actively pursuing. And so it is much more valuable to me if people can see the source code for what I did than if they can only see the product.

Some of my favorite parts of the source are the Queue trait because it made doing simple AMPQ (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) operations relatively easy. On the front end my favorite part is the corner image used to create the stars and plusses in the bottom right corner of the article blocks.

I’ve open sourced it under a non-commercial, share alike Creative Commons license. If you want to do something with the source this license doesn’t allow contact me at

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