Louis CK and His Special Money

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On the 10th of December Louis CK released a self-produced, DRM free comedy special available for download for $5 (USD). He did it in part as an experiment to see if he could produce a comedy special of all new material his way and make a little dough. Shortly after he released it Louis CK went on reddit and answered people’s questions about anything and everything.

I was never a huge fan of Louis CK’s shows (and I told him so like an asshole), they didn’t resonate with me. Maybe I just wasn’t as in touch with my shame or as comfortable with it as I needed to be in order to appreciate Louis’ brand of shameful dirty comedy. As a result I never really watched his stand up. But I loved what he was doing producing and distributing his work on his own. He was taking a risk on what he believed in which is so in line with everything I believe in I couldn’t help but buy the comedy special for the five dollars.

Apparently a lot of people felt the same way, or were fans, or whatever because he’s sold a lot of copies of the special and he’s giving about half the money away. Like a boss. Louis CK you’ve got a new fan.

via kottke.org