Moving to MediaTemple

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I’ve decided to stop using the Mac Mini in my apartment as my webserver for sites I am hosting for a couple of reasons. The most significant of them being the choked upload speed on my cable modem. I was getting something around 500 kbps which is quite slow when serving a number of images on a page. The other big reason was my general feeling that if I was going to use my site for professional things it probably ought to be professionally hosted.

I really would have like to have been able to use MediaTemple’s Grid Service offering because the sites I’m currently hosting are pretty low bandwidth and don’t really get many visitors but not having root access to my server was pretty much a deal breaker for me. So now I’m in the process of setting up my brand new Dedicated-Virtual server which hopefully will go smoothly.

Of course I expect a little downtime when I transition over but I don’t imagine that many folks will notice. ;)

Update: Once I got the whole Plesk domains thing figured out (basically where do the document files go) this transfer turned out to be kind of easy. It’s all about that first little step.