MooTools and the Ongoing Changes

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Since the release of version 1.2 of the framework there has been quite a vocal uproar in the user community, most obviously on the mailing list, about the removal of the forums. At first the forums were made read-only, then there were server issues and so the forums were just flat out unavailable. The forums have since came back online read only but a number of users are still unhappy.

The thing is the core developers have stated on a number of occasions the forums will not be coming back up for use. It’s in the MooTools Google Group / MooTools Mailing List it has been stated in the MooTools IRC Channel, hell it’s even in the MooTools 1.2 Official Release Notice and yet people continue to clamor for them to be brought back online.

I’ve stopped responding to these people and begun ignoring the threads as they come up because members of the community have already taken action. In particular daKmoR has set up an Unofficial MooTools Forum. Though still light in traffic it has no direct competitors other than the Google Group which apparently everyone hates but continues to use.

I actually prefer the Google Group because it gets delivered to my inbox and with the great free posting solutions for code pasting like Gist, Pastebin, MooTools Paste, Paste2, or even my own personal pastie there’s no excuse for not using something with syntax highlighting.

In addition to the changes with the forums Thomas Aylott has been making an effort to, amongst other things, update the MooTools GitHub Wiki with information about all kinds of related things. The pages on the wiki are the one containing MooTools support information and the one regarding converting from MooTools 1.11 to MooTools 1.2.

I guess this was a little of a rant, but I did want to help get word out about the unofficial forums and the updates which are being made to the wiki.