MooTools 1.2 Released with a Myriad of Changes

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My favorite javascript framework has come out of beta into a final. The release of MooTools 1.2 brought about a whole slew of changes and not just to the code base. The Moo team split made a number of API changes to make the library more usable and more consistent. The team has also separated the project into ‘core’ and ‘more’. MooTools Core is, as expected, the heart and soul of the framework, it contains the classes and functions the rest of MooTools is built upon. MooTools More on the other hand is akin to officially sanctioned plugins.

In addition to API changes and the separation of core and more the MooTools team has moved from a Subversion repository to Git. Both core and more have their own GitHub repositories (mootools-core and mootools-more respectively). Of course without Subversion Trac loses a lot of it’s appeal and so they have moved their defect tracking over to Lighthouse which provides some Git/GitHub integration through plugins (called beacons).

I’ve been working with the 1.2beta for quite some time but even the beta to the final had a number of changes (mostly shortcut methods were removed) so there will still be some adjustments. All in all though I’m pretty excited about all the changes and what it means for things moving forward. In fact I’m so excited about it I’ve created my own fork of the mootools-core and begun tinkering around with the source. I’m also hoping to get a little more involved in the project rather than just being a faithful user. So here’s to the bright future of a great library.