Customizing My iPhone

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I’ve had my iPhone for a little while but I had, up until recently, refused to jailbreak or unlock it. This past Saturday though I was browsing around and came up ZiPhone again and after talking to several other people who have jailbroken their devices with no problems I decided to give it a shot.

Happily, my experience has been quite good so far. In fact I spent a while on Saturday downloading and checking out a bunch of different apps which have been developed for the iPhone. The most interesting of the apps I downloaded is maybe Twinkle which is a native Twitter iPhone application which includes a geolocator options. So you can see tweets of other users in your area from people using Twinkle, which is pretty awesome.

I also took quite a liking to SummerBoard and it’s themes. The eGlass theme in particular. Which is really what leads me to the point of this post, a totally roundabout way I know. Anyway so I started grabbing applications, and then I found this theme I really liked. Problem was the icons for the eGlass theme look pretty much uniform, a black pillbox background with grey icon, and a number of the new iPhone applications available through the installer did not have acceptable icons for this theme.

Fortunately I found the post on ModMyiFone for this theme and in it the developer had posted the pillbox background. So all that was left was to put my Photoshop skills to the test! Well, I’ll tell you what, if it had been an actual test my Photoshop skills would have failed miserably. Needless to say I made extensive use of the shapes tool in order to get some decent looking icons for the Lexitron, Twinkle, iCalls, and iShare applications. Oddly enough the iShare icon, the last one I did, looks much worse than any of the others.

If there is interest in the icons I can make them available (not that I have a reader base at this point!).